Life according to my camera
Names have been changed to protect the innocent
By: Daniel Smith

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After looking at some of the pages here it would appear that the family-friendly policies are not enforced well... so browse this site at your own peril. I haven't found a better place to go yet. I will post more photos next week.

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Suburban Man Gets Contacts

Sources say that Daniel Smith, 22, was adjusting to his new eyewear quite nicely by the weekend.

"At first it was kinda rough," he told us in a phone interview. "They were like bugging my eyes. But then at the follow-up appointment, the doctor gave me another brand, and they feel much better. Actually, I can't feel them at all now."

Friends and aquaintences reportedly had trouble recognizing him. Tim, of Trinity college, was quoted as saying, "I only knew it was him because he was sitting behind the sound board at church." These difficulties were compounded by Smith's recent hair-cut. Again, Smith: "I was still getting complements on the hair-cut. That was like three weeks ago. I think maybe some people couldn't quite put their finger on what was different."

Fred, 24, his roommate, didn't have much response, but told reporters, "Well, at least he's doing SOMETHING. I mean, he was gonna be single for ever if he didn't start combing his hair. I just can't imagine touching my eye... Now if we could just get him to buy some new clothes!"

"Yeah, it was a little weird at first," said Smith when asked. "But they're way better than glasses. I mean, there's no distortion at the edges, and everything seems bigger and closer. I could never go back. I get dizzy when I put my glasses on now!"

When asked about future plans for his image, Smith replied that "I should definiately fix the turbo on my car. Yeah, I should really do that now that I changed the oil. Oh wait, you said image? Hmmmm... I might look into that new clothes thing that Fred was talking about. Yeah, I might do that."

The eye-doctor was unavailible for comment.

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Recital Runs as Planned

Take a deep breath
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Grand Rapids, MI

"She'll have no trouble getting into any grad school she wants." Those were the words of Dr. S, an intstructor at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids. He's speaking about his student J Smith, who minutes ago completed her Junior Piano recital. "And that was her first composition. Just think what she'll be writing next!"

"I had a little trouble on the first page of the Beethoven." J told us. "But then I got it back together and was fine. I really nailed the Bach, though, so I'm pretty happy about that." Of course, anyone should be happy after executing an such an excellent fourty minute performance.

Daniel Smith told us, "My favorite was the second Brahms piece. I liked that quite a bit. Of course, the Bach piece was pretty nice, but I guess I was just in the mood for Brahms just then."

J's roomates were congratulatory, too. "She scared me during the Beethoven!" said (name withheld). "But then she went on to finish it and did fine. That piece she wrote was great!!"

Extended family was reportedly very happy to have come, but an exact quote was not availible.

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New Lens Freeing

Bud (100% crop, unedited)
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Arlington Heights, IL

"Man, this thing is great." Daniel reports that his new 85mm f/1.8 lens has "freed me from the cruel tryanny of the flash. Now I can take shots indoors in low light from a bit of a distance. That f/1.8 is really handy."

And it's good for more than just indoors, too: "The low f-stop lets me really blur the background when I want to, and the focus is lightening-fast.

"The pictures are really sharp, too. For $300, I'm quite happy."


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